VolviTec Roller Brushes


Explore a comprehensive range of roller brushes from TecSolum, meticulously designed to cater to the diverse needs of the most popular street sweepers on today’s roads. Our Roller Brushes, featuring TecSolum VolviTec technology, are the epitome of efficiency and reliability, providing an ideal solution for tackling the toughest conditions.

The VolviTec product series has been meticulously designed, produced, and tested in accordance with global quality standards by a team of trained professionals. Recognizing the importance of durability, practicality, and ease of use, the VolviTec series meets these demands, allowing for easy maintenance and servicing.

TecSolum takes pride in offering customization options for the entire VolviTec product range by Customization for Diverse Needs: We understand that the needs of our clients and end-users vary, and our commitment is to tailor our products to meet those unique requirements.

The entire product range is tailored to the technological requirements of the most popular street sweepers on the road today, as well as the individual needs of our clients and end-users. TecSolum Roller Brushes featuring VolviTec technology represent a new era in street cleaning–efficiency, durability, and customization at their best.

The fill materials commonly used include Polypropylene (PP), Polyamide (PA), Poliethylene (PET) and flat or crimped steel wire (MIX) in various sizes/diameters. Our modern machine park, equipped with computer numerical control, is operated by skilled professionals. Production planning engineers ensure precision through programming and product visualization, allowing corrections and optimizations before production commences.

Whether you’re dealing with stubborn debris, icy surfaces, or challenging terrain, TecSolum Roller Brushes are engineered to adapt and deliver exceptional results in even the toughest conditions.


The type of filled material:

The type of filled material:

The type of filled material:
PP and flat wire (MIX)

The type of filled material:
PP and crimped wire (MIX)

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