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TecSolum Airport Brushes are the result of a deep understanding that exceptional design goes beyond mere aesthetics; it plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of passengers. Each element and detail of our brushes has been meticulously considered as an integral part of an overarching design philosophy aimed at delivering the highest standards of quality.

Efficient maintenance of the airport runways is important not only due to aesthetics, but most of all, the safety of passengers. BorraTec® product line has been designed to provide the most advanced cleaning solutions and thereby contribute to increased safety.

In Maltese Borra means snow. Snowfall is often the reason why airport traffic comes to a standstill. We have found the perfect solution.

Airport Cassettes with TecSolum BorraTec technology is the ideal solution for even the toughest conditions, effectively removing snow and ice from runways. TecSolum offers the widest range of airport brushes with aluminum and plastic cassettes filled with crimped wire or PP bristles for brush cores compatible with machines produced by Øveraasen, Fresia, Bucher, Schörling, Zaugg, and JetBroom-Boschung.

TecSolum applies the latest production technology to protect brushes from losing individual strands and to prevent wire from slipping out due to vibrations. TecSolum experts have developed the world’s first innovative group five cups design, providing enhanced protection against wire breakages. This solution ensures confidence that no more wire will be found on the airside.

The entire TecSolum product range is tailored to meet the technological requirements of all snow removal machines cleaning airport runways. Whether facing the challenges of snow or ice, TecSolum BorraTec Airport Cassettes deliver unmatched performance, contributing to the overall safety and operational efficiency of airport runways.

The primary goal of TecSolum Airport Cassettes is to guarantee the safety of passengers. We understand the critical role these brushes play in maintaining a secure and hazard-free environment, and our design reflects this commitment.


Cassette on plastic profile

Cassette on aluminium profile

Cassette on plastic profile

Cassette on aluminium profile

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BorraTec Airport Cassettes


BorraTec® technology by TecSolum, a revolutionary innovation that shields cassettes from losing individual strands, minimizing the risk of wire or PP breakages. This advanced technology ensures the longevity and reliability of our cassette, setting new standards in performance and durability.

Airport cassettes from TecSolum feature a specialized locking clip for each wire bundle, ensuring the prevention of strand loss at any operational stage, irrespective of strand length. This innovative design minimizes the risk of serious incidents or individual strand loss during operations, significantly enhancing safety at airports.

Our TecSolum experts have pioneered the world’s first innovative group five cups design, elevating the protection against wire breakages to unprecedented levels. The uniquely designed cups, adapting to uneven surfaces, effectively absorb pressure from the strands during operations, significantly reducing the likelihood of breakages. This breakthrough technology ensures unparalleled durability and performance in every application.