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certyfikat dekra 2017Industrial Brush Manufacturers is a manufacturer of technologically advanced and ecological solutions to maintain the cleanliness of roads, sidewalks, squares and runways, targeting a wide audience in all markets in the world. The aim of quality policy is to gain lasting customer confidence by offering products that meet their requirements.

The foundation of quality policy is the principle of continuous improvement of its level and continuous improvement, aiming at:

  • opportunities to offer new products to customers,
  • consistent with the findings of performing tasks and processes in the enterprise,
  • achieve the optimum price of the offered products while ensuring their quality.

The above assumptions will be implemented by:

  • continuous improvement of the qualifications of the crew and the management,
  • teamwork,
  • conscious involvement of all employees,
  • realization of investment,
  • care for fixed assets and infrastructure of the plant,
  • preventing the causes of irregularities,
  • long-term and partnering with suppliers.

To implement our intentions we implement a Quality Management System that meets the requirements of ISO 9001 and will contribute to becoming a global market leader.