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TecSolum uses leading edge technology to deliver purpose built brush systems to our partners. We offer unbeatable package of machinery, software and expertise. Our Company has comprehensive expertise in the manufacturing of brush systems and has been producing advanced technology solutions for a number of years now.
Research & Development

Our modern Research & Development Department cooperates very closely with our customers. We use advanced computer technologies and special software for designing and creating our products.
Modern Machine Park

Our plant consists of modern production lines, most of them computer and numerical controlled, and all of them operated by skilled operators. Our production planning engineers are responsible for programming and product visualisation before the production is started, so it is possible to correct and optimize the final product. Your orders are prduced utilizing the latest software.

Our set of modern machines enables application of optimal solutions, despite ever-changing market needs. Thanks to implementation of cutting-edge technologies, we can offer some of the most innovative solutions in Europe. We continuously seek to improve our production line in order to provide highest-quality services and products.


Words are just the beginning. Our latest video gives you an in depth account of our mission, our product range and a behind the scenes look at our production facilities. Enjoy!