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Below you will find the list of questions which have been asked most frequently by our customers. We hope the list will help you clear any of your doubts. If you do not find your question below, please, contact our office: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will try to answer it as soon as possible.

We can manufacture ANY kind of industrial brushes for the European sweeper models and most common produce elsewhere. These include road sweepers and runway sweepers. As long as you provide us with necessary specifications, we can make brushes which are precisely tailored to your needs.

It is difficult to define a precise period of time during which you will be able to use our brushes. It depends on the frequency of usage and the degree of proper care over the brushes. On our side we can assure the superiority of the materials used in the production process as well as the highest quality of the final product.
Of course. On demand we can produce ring brushes that have polyamide or polypropylene filament.
It is not a problem for us to produce brushes according precisely to your specification.
If there exists any doubt about the quality of the delivered product, please, simply email our Quality Specialist and let her know what the problem is.
In case the complaint is well-founded, we will immediately exchange the flawed product. In order to avoid similar problems in the future, after each founded complaint we use a quality tool under the name of an 8D report. Not only do we implement corrective measures, we also take preventive action against repeating such defects.
We use quality control tools such as 8D report on a daily basis, to help us organize, check and manage the quality system. Our quality control manager has implemented a 5S methodology among our workers, which assures proper workplace morale, safety and efficiency.



It depends on the system of deliveries you choose. We can organize regular deliveries in e.g. monthly cycles, which ensures a stable level of your stocks.
If you order the products according to your current needs, you will usually have to wait a little longer. To find out all the details, please, contact Plant Director.
Naturally, the delivery can be effected ex works, in which case the prices exclude transport costs. At the same time buyers take on the responsibility for the goods from the moment the products leave our premises.
This is only to be arranged after a mutual agreement concerning the cost of transport and the possiblility of producing such small amounts in a given time. To enquire after this issue, please contact Production Director.
It is only possible when we organize a system of regular deliveries (e.g. in monthly cycles). This way we can plan in advance and always have your brushes delivered on time.
As a rule, we send individual samples of our products to our customers. When the customers order the products later on, especially if they are of non-standard size, the minimum volume of one order for some of them is as follows:
  • PP 700kg
  • rings 500 pieces
  • flat wire 450 kg
  • gutterbrooms 50 pieces

We are happy to decrease these amounts for our key customers.